ngqesh health center

Ngqesh Community Health Center

Click Here For Live Demo Ngqesh is a small community clinic. They have health care practitioners that attends to patients’ health needs. Patient walk to the clinic to get medical attention and there is usually influx of patients everyday. Managing patient data and number has been a daunting task over time as not all patients […]

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chibini supplement store

Chibini – Supplement Shop

Click Here For Live Demo Just like the normal walk-in pharmaceutical stores, Chibini is a small outlet where supplements are sold, client walk in to the physical shop to purchase supplement. To boost sales, the business design a website that can get order from both far away and nearby clients. The solution solves the problem […]

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Quality Health – Shopping Cart System

CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO Quality Health is a small community outlet where supplements are sold. Just like the traditional shopping cart system, client can order supplements online and have them delivered to their home or office. This shopping cart solution simplifies this art. To place an order, a user must registered his/her bio-details at […]

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Health Life – Clinic Appointment Booking System

CLICK HERE FOR LIVE DEMO Health Life is a community clinic in the Durban area of South Africa. It has influx of patients who demand urgent medical attentions. Over the years, the health care workers have had to manage voluminous patient data which are written on paper and stored in cupboards. The down side to […]

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Elite Builders

Upload Gallery Here Elite Builder is a construction material supply company. The service they provide is mainly supply of building material. This website consist of a web shop where user can place order for building and construction materials to be delivered to their home address or work site.  

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