Our Services

As the name implies, TechQwerty is named after the commonly used keyboard or keypad. It’s just name. At TechQwerty, we brings smiles to the face of our clients by providing them with technology solution that suits their needs. We know our client might not know what they want, but with our experience and expertise, we advise them on the best course of action to take in achieving their goals while listening attentively and considering their initial plans. Below is what we offer.

Software development

Our solutions are the best. No doubt. We take pride in what we do and our works speak for us. We design, develop or rework effective  and robust systems. We work closely with our clients to ensure their maximum participation in the development process rather boss over the work load.


We deliver in time. We know the essence of developing the solution is get business benefit from it, money. For this reason, our developers go out of their way for our clients to meet up with their project deadline while ensuring that all initial user requirement and functionalities are fully functional.


What’s the essence of developing a website without maintenance? We perceive our clients as visionaries and ground-breakers that improve their businesses from one business function to numerous. We will maintain your solution to keep up with this pace. At TechQwerty, we do not provide just once-off solution and robust solution, we help you monitor your business and ensure that the solution is feasible, we have a high maintenance culture.


We help you to implement security solutions in your businesses from device and equipment to software and devices. We know that this an integral and vital part of your application, hence we pay more attention to this.


We can help you gather, process and analyze large amount of data – whether it is data within your organization or data out of the web.