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Monday, 8 July 2013

How To Automatically Bypass or Skip Annoying, Linkbucks and Ad Pages ?


               , Linkbucks , and are the link shortening networks that pay you when users click on your shortened links and reach their content after a 5 seconds interstitial ad.  You may bump into such links on websites or social forums that use it to make few bucks from their content. These ad networks do pay and they are legit but the paying fraction is very poor which equivalent to 1000 views for $1 for non targeted traffic and 3-4 $ for traffic from west. These tiny links are very frustrating to those who try to skip them because every time you visit a website and click on the shortened links  you must wait for 5 seconds to reach your content and then click the Skip Ad button. 

                         If you hate being taken to such pages when you click on the mentioned short links you may be interested in a code that skips those annoying pages automatically. So I have found a few ways on how to skip or bypass these ads.

01- By Using DeadFly Bypasser Online Tool - 

                            DeadFly URL is the latest tool to skip or bypass these shortened irritating links online. You simply have to steer to their website and paste the shortened links and press Deadfly. Bang! The tool will give you the address of your source website. You can see how a link has been bypassed and the actual address being shown in the snapshot. 

02 - By Using Adsfight! Userscript

                           The simplest way to bypass shortened links if you browse on Firefox or Chrome is to install a straight forward userscript called "AdsFight!", it is an extension that automatically bypasses ads the moment you click on them.

- Installing AdsFight! Extension for Chrome - Well if you’re a chrome user you can just install AdsFight! userscript directly, just hit the Install Button and start bypassing these ads.

- Installing AdsFight! Extension for Firefox - If you use Firefox browser then first install the Greasemonkey Addon and then AdsFight! Userscript.

03 - Make Use Of Redirection Helper UserScript

                              Redirection Helper is a bit similar to Adsfight!, that redirects your shortened URL links to the particular sites without clicking on unwanted ads.

Installing Redirection Helper Extension on Chrome 

               Install  the given RedirectionHelper extension if you’re a regular chrome user.

- Installing Redirection Helper Extension on Firefox 

               Do the same thing for firefox. Make sure you  install Greasemonkey and then the RedirectionHelper extension.

               So these are the three ways by which you can skip paid link shorteners. Now its time you bid farewell to these links and start surfing on the internet safely.


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